Audio Designer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

The Audio Designer is responsible for develop the soundscape for our current and future game projects. 


● Reports vertically to the Principal Designer in all quality,

administrative, training and logistics matters. When assigned to a

product development team, the Principal Designer will empower the Team

Lead to review work produced for quality and technical matters as it

relates to that project.

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● Contribute to all aspects of sound design, post-production and mixing.

● Collaborate with other game developers to create, implement and debug

sound effects.

● Take part in improving game audio features and tool development.

● Dialogue editing, Sound effects library maintenance, Field/Foley recording


● A demo reel showcasing your most outstanding accomplishments in sound

design. Isolated sound design is ideal. Document what you contributed to

any collaborative examples.

● 1+ years of relevant industry experience.

● Audio recording, design, processing and mixing skills.

● Experience with current audio editing software, such as REAPER, Pro

Tools, Logic, Live, Audition, Sound Forge, Waves, Sony Vegas and other plug-ins.

● Experience with audio hardware, such as recording interfaces,

microphones and outboard processing.

● Experience with Windows and/or macOS, familiarity with productivity

software such as word processors and spreadsheets.

● Familiarity with multi-channel / surround sound / 3D spatial audio

mixing is a plus.

● Game development, scripting and/or programming skills is a plus.

● Audio Middleware experience a plus (FMOD, Wwise, Miles, etc.)

● Game Editor experience a plus (Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.)


● Bachelor’s degree in related field and at least 2 years of experience as

a Audio Designer in the gaming industry or an equivalent combination of

education and practical work experience.

● Must have experience in Audio Design for at least 1 game development


● Must have a passion for games and making games!

Why Ghostpunch Games?

Work Culture

● Remote, Hybrid, and On-site policy.

● Collaborative, open-minded, creative environment

● Teamwork makes the dream work (as true as it is corny!)

Project Scope

● Multiple projects available to work on

● AAA quality, Genre-spanning, PC/Console/VR

Partnerships/History include

● Sony 2K, Activision, Warner Brothers, Gearbox, and more!

Top/Recent projects include

● Outriders, Risk of Rain 2, Borderlands 3, Mortal Kombat 11, Battleborn,

Civilization VI, VainGlory, and more!

● Learn more about our partnerships and projects here!

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