Senior Software Engineer

Sunrise, Florida   |   Full Time

The Software Engineer III is responsible for the conception and implementation of core engine game code as well as debugging game code as needed.  The Software Engineer III is also responsible for providing programming support for less experienced programmers.


•  Reports vertically to the Technical Director in all quality, administrative, training and logistics matters.  When assigned to a product development team, the Technical Director will empower the Lead Software Engineer to review work produced for quality and technical matters as it relates to that project.

•  When assigned to a product development team, reports horizontally to the assigned project Producer in all project management related activities.


•  Work with the Lead Programmer and Producer to determine game tasks and requirements.

•  Participate in the game programming design process.

•  Maintain regular communication with other game development disciplines (i.e. Art, Design and audio) in order to determine how their efforts will affect a game’s programming.

•  Provide technical designs and specifications on all new features.

•  Write and debug core engine game code.

•  Write advanced tools and other utilities to support work on projects.

•  Anticipate, identify and articulate problem areas and develop preventative solutions.

•  Assist less experienced Software Engineers with various tasks as needed.

•  Accurately estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task assigned.


•  Additional duties of a similar nature or level of responsibility may be assigned.


•  Must be able to work independently with little to no supervision.

•  Must possess superior oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.

•  Must possess the ability to successfully communicate with Artists, Designers and Sound Engineers.

•  Must possess strong general computer skills and experience (e.g. working knowledge of MS Office, e-mail and Internet applications).

•  Must have expert knowledge of C/C++.

•  Must have a working knowledge of assembly language.

•  Must have a deep understanding of game code design.

•  Must possess the ability to write code for any aspect of a game.

•  Must possess a hands-on knowledge of basic game design and implementation.

•  Must have in depth understanding of gaming industry hardware and software trends.

•  Must possess up-to-date console product knowledge including technical submission requirements and knowledge of burning equipment.

•  Must be able to work in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.

•  Must possess a strong desire to write game/engine code.


•  Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field and at least 5 years of experience as a Programmer/Software Engineer in the gaming industry or an equivalent combination of education and practical work experience.

•  Must have experience in Programming/Software Design on at least 2 game products.

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