Graphics Engineer (Remote)

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The Software Engineer (Graphics) is responsible for creating integrated graphics and visual effects systems that are used in AAA PC/Console video games.  The Software Engineer  (Graphics) is also responsible for providing programming support for less experienced programmers.


•  Reports vertically to the Technical Director in all quality, administrative, training and logistics matters.  When assigned to a product development team, the Technical Director will empower the Lead Software Engineer to review work produced for quality and technical matters as it relates to that project.

•  When assigned to a product development team, reports horizontally to the assigned project Producer in all project management related activities.


•  Work with the Lead Programmer and Producer to determine game tasks and requirements.

•  Participate in the game programming design process.

•  Maintain regular communication with other game development disciplines (i.e. Art, Design and audio) in order to determine how their efforts will affect a game’s programming.

•  Provide technical designs and specifications on all new features.

•  Write and debug Graphics code.

•  Write advanced tools and other utilities to support work on projects.

•  Anticipate, identify and articulate problem areas and develop preventative solutions.

•  Assist less experienced Software Engineers with various tasks as needed.

•  Accurately estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task assigned.


•  Additional duties of a similar nature or level of responsibility may be assigned.


•  Must be able to work independently with little to no supervision.

•  Must possess superior oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.

•  Must possess the ability to successfully communicate with Artists, Designers and other Engineers.

•  Must possess strong general computer skills and experience (e.g. working knowledge of MS Office, e-mail and Internet applications).

•  Must have expert knowledge of C++.

•  Must have working knowledge of DX11/DX12

•  Must have working knowledge of UE3/UE4

•  Must have experience working on Graphics on at least 1 AAA PC/Console title


•  Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field and at least 5 years of experience as a Programmer/Software Engineer in the gaming industry or an equivalent combination of education and practical work experience.

•  Must have experience in Graphics Programming for at least 1 AAA PC/Console title

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