Technical Animator

Sunrise, Florida   |   Full Time

Technical Animator


We are looking for a Technical Animator to work closely with the animation and other teams on the project to push the creative vision and technical boundaries. We are looking for someone who understands animation principles, content authoring processes, troubleshooting, and can effectively use various animation tools. 

Job Details:

  • Create and maintain various complexity of rigs in Maya.

  • Implement and set up assets in the game engine.

  • Help troubleshoot issues relating to animation in both Maya and the game engine.

  • Work closely with the team to refine workflows and content authoring processes.

  • Support animators and others on the team.

  • Contribute to tools and pipeline development.

  • Create a written or video documentation to aid information sharing. 



  • Solid understanding of animation principles.

  • Experience working with a game engine. (e.g. Unreal, Unity, or AAA proprietary game engines)

  • Experience creating animator-friendly rigs in Maya.

  • Production experience using custom animation and rigging tools in Maya.

  • Some scripting experience in Python, and is looking to upgrade their programming skills.

  • Knowledge of human anatomy, and understanding of how it relates to deformation rigs. 

Bonus Qualifications:


  • Experience working with FACS based facial rig is a plus.

  • Tools development experience in Python, and PySide2 or PyQt5 is a plus.

  • Understanding object-oriented programming principles and practical usage is a plus.

  • Experience with 3D Studio Max

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Experience working in a large team environment.

  • Experience with optimizing(e.g. lod, fps performance, memory footprint) assets for a game engine

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