UI Engineer (Remote)

Remote   |   Contract

Job Duties:

  • Develop, write, implement and debug code for the UI on next-generation video game projects.


  • Own the development, feature iteration and maintenance of the UI framework for a game
  • Collaborate with involved teams to implement highly responsive, memory- and runtime-efficient interfaces in a multiplatform game
  • Instrument telemetry for user interfaces to enable designers to monitor and reduce UI/UX friction
  • Optimize UI for various input methods including mouse and keyboard, controller and touch input devices
  • Collaborate with backend, engine and build teams to effectively package and stream UI content
  • Constantly monitor and improve UI implementation to ensure the best user experience



  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, related discipline, or relevant work experience is required
  • Experience building complex real-time user interfaces is required
  • Strong computer science fundamentals and C/C++ fluency is required. C# fluency is desired
  • Experience with computer graphics pipelines and a working knowledge of linear algebra is required.
  • AAA Game development experience
  • Experience debugging and optimizing on-platform for console and mobile devices is desired
  • Production experience with Unreal Engine Slate and UMG is desired
  • Experience with Web UI development is desired

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